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KJ-N1025 Necklace



A Polki, Kundan, and Gold necklace weighing 75 grams and adorned with green chudi (emerald beads) is a regal piece of Indian jewelry. It features uncut Polki diamonds set in intricate Kundan work, crafted from 18-karat gold. The addition of vibrant emerald beads complements the necklace, making it a timeless and exquisite adornment for special occasions.

Necklace with Earrings Specifications

Brand: Kadel Jewels

Collection: Elegant Necklace with Earrings

Gender: Women

Occasion: Festive Wear/ Marriage Wear/ Bridal Party

Karat: 18

Material Colour: Gold/ Polki/Kundan/Green Chudi Work

Jewellery Type: Gold/ Polki/Diamond/ Kundan Necklace 

Gross Weight: 75 Grams

Metal: Gold


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A Polki, Kundan, and Gold necklace with a weight of 75 grams, adorned with green chudi (emerald beads), would be a stunning piece of jewelry. Let’s break down the details of such a necklace:

  1. Polki Diamonds: Polki diamonds are uncut or rose-cut diamonds that add a touch of vintage elegance to the necklace. These diamonds have a unique, antique-like appearance and can be used as the focal point of the necklace. The weight of Polki diamonds can vary based on their size and quality.
  2. Kundan Setting: Kundan is a traditional jewelry-making technique originating in India. It involves embedding stones, including Polki diamonds, in a framework of gold or other precious metals. The setting enhances the brilliance of the diamonds and provides a rich, ornate appearance.
  3. Gold Framework: The framework of the necklace would be made of 18-karat gold, which is soft and malleable, making it ideal for intricate designs. Goldwork often includes intricate engravings and filigree details to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  4. Emerald Beads (Chudi): The presence of green chudi, or emerald beads, would add a pop of color and contrast to the necklace. Emeralds are known for their rich green color and can be used as accents or in specific sections of the necklace. The weight of the emerald beads would depend on their size and quantity.
  5. Design: The design of the necklace can vary, from traditional and elaborate patterns inspired by Indian culture to more contemporary and versatile styles that suit various occasions. The necklace may feature a combination of Polki diamonds, Kundan work, gold, and emerald beads.
  6. Length and Style: The length and style of the necklace can significantly affect its overall weight and appearance. The style can be a single-strand necklace or a multi-layered design, depending on personal preferences.
  7. Value and Cost: The value and cost of such a necklace would depend on the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship, the carat weight of the Polki diamonds, and the overall design. Authentic Polki and Kundan jewelry can be quite valuable due to the use of natural, uncut diamonds and precious metals.

To get a precise weight for the necklace you have in mind, it’s advisable to consult with a jeweller who can assess the specific design and materials used in the piece. They can provide you with accurate details regarding the weight, quality, and cost of the necklace.


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